ET Cargo Solution


ET Cargo Solution Pro Enterprise is a software system designed and built for logistics companies to help simplify their work. The system is the 3rd and latest version of ET Cargo Solution built by Madot Technology. ECS Pro is built in a way the system can be implemented on company local computers or on the web. The system has 5 different administrator modules: Customer Relation Management, Operation, Vehicle, Finance and Stock; it also has a Customer Portal.


System Features

  • Prepare quotations
  • Manage operation
  • Track operation - customer
  • Upload documents
  • Register expenses
  • Prepare payment request
  • Prepare invoice
  • Manage vehicles
  • Manage drivers
  • Manage trips
  • Manage tires
  • Track stock inventory
  • Stock item transfer & sales
  • Multiple system privilege for different system users

CRM Module

Create, edit, view and delete customer profile. Create a profile by specifying name, telephone number, contact person, email addresses, password, VAT registration number, TIN number, VAT registration date, country ID, license renewal date and description.



Once a customer is created and a quotation has been created and approved for that customer, the user company then can create an Operation or a Job Order. When company user creates a Job Order, Bill Number, Declaration Number, Expected Date, Actual Date, Custom Commission, Inspection Point, Quotations and Remark are to be filled out. Once an operation is created, the user can set cargo details, update progress, create an expense and request a payment. When setting cargo detail, the user is confirming the package detail to be used by the operation and finance modules. When updating job order progress, the user checks off the list of tasks that have been completed; this status report can then be shared with company’s clients.



By creating a quotation is how a client requests a service from the system user company. When creating a quotation, the user specifies Service Type, Customer, Bill Number, Origin, Destination, Quotation Type and Valid to Date. Here, the system user company can also specify what type of cargo will get shipped. Each quotation’s cargo quantity and price can then be reviewed and approved.

Track an Order


Invoice and Payment Management

Create, edit, view and delete invoices and payment requests.

Finance Module


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